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Stephanie Goodman is a Holistic Plant Based Nutritionist and Founder of The Plant Based+ Method. She holds a B.S. in Exercise & Health Science from University of Massachusetts and coaching certifications from WellCoaches, and the T. Colin Campbell Centers for Nutrition. Prior to becoming a Plant Based Nutritionist Stephanie spent twelve years in financial services. She began her wellness journey, lost over 70 pounds, overcame addiction, and got fit for good. Her passion is helping moms get healthy and lose weight for good without gimmicks or fads. When she is not working you can find her exercising or baking, because balance.

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Christin Bummer Headshot

Christin Bummer Leading By Example, Being A Role Model And Inspiring Change

Christin Bummer was diagnosed with hypertension at age 32, despite being active and otherwise healthy. She adopted a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Her journey of self-discovery led her to success, and she's dedicated her life to helping other women overcome similar battles with self-sabotage, confidence, procrastination, and so much more.

Plant Chics Kitchen Headshot

Plant Chics You Gotta Nourish To Flourish

Jacque Tarlton and Marzia Prince and The Plant Chics! They help women rock out with their broc out to live their best life. Jacque has always worked in the health field, and she has gone from deadly addictions to fabulously thriving! Marzia went from haute mess to Healthinista, and is living a plant-based, eco- friendly lifestyle.


Catriona Humphries Changing From A Diet Mentality To A Lifestyle Mentality

Cat Humphries is an online health coach, founder of Where My Footsteps Go and hiking enthusiast. She loves helping busy women lose inches off their waist in 90 days by following a plant-based lifestyle. She works on helping women change from a diet mentality to a lifestyle mentality.


Shoshana Chaim Transitioning To A Plant Based Lifestyle With School Aged Kids

Shoshana Chaim is a Canadian Wellness Expert, author, speaker, founder of, and The Plant Trainers Podcast. Her overall mission is helping people improve their quality of life to alleviate the stress caused by diet, lifestyle, cellular breakdown, and chronic illness. But most importantly, she is a partner to her loving husband Adam and a mom of two amazing plant-based kiddos.


Healthy Emmie Slim On Starch

Healthy Emmie is the go-to nutritionist for plant-based weight loss. She has helped thousands of women lose anywhere from the last few pounds to up to 70 pounds. Her approach emphasizes eating in abundance and breaking free of the calorie-counting diet world. This new & effective approach is changing the weight loss game forever.


Johane Filemon, RDN Beating Inflamation

Johane Filemon of Wonderfully Nutritious. Johane is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She empowers everyday people to reach their health goals by employing customized nutrition therapy techniques that fit with their lifestyle and schedule.


Elisha Lee Going Plant Based In A World Of Carnivores

Elisha Lee is the founder of Eat to Live Daily, an online health community of nearly 100,000 plant-based people. Today, the community has helped thousands of people transition into a plant based lifestyle and successfully reverse type 2 diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, heart disease, and obesity.


Marina Yanay How To Change Habits From The Inside Out To Create A More Fulfilling Life

Marina Yanay-Triner started her journey as a vegan blogger and recipe creator. Quickly after, she began to coach people on the transition to a plant based lifestyle, and discovered that the most important tools they needed were ones of personal transformation. She then underwent a transformational coaching certification and started working with people one on one, facilitating long-term processes of self-mastery and self-discovery that will aid them in connecting to their deepest purpose and living a fulfilling life.


Nzingah Oniwosan Vegan Hacks

Nzingah is a Haitian-American holistic health consultant, plant-based chef, 500 hr celebrity yoga teacher, award-winning blogger and motivational speaker who helps people as an inspirational teacher. She started Yes Baby I Like It Raw to teach and inspire people to embark on a holistic lifestyle.


Janna Chapman 'Pick One Thing' Method For Lasting Change.

She’s been on her own plant-based journey for over 15 years. She naturally lost the baby weight, twice & over 35 pounds each time, eating plant-based & using her unique approach. Since 2017 she’s been helping other women do the same thing using the "Pick One Thing" method.


Candace Jones How Mamas Can Go Plant-Based When Family Isn't On Board

Candace Jones is a health coach who helps mamas love their bodies through a plant-based lifestyle. Candace has found her voice, passion, and true calling as she helps other mothers realize their own.


Karen Burzichelli Plants Over Pills

Karen Burzichelli is a nurse, health coach, wife, mother and grandmother focused on how plant based nutrition can transform people’s lives. After struggling with several health issues of her own, she turned from traditional pharmaceuticals to healing her body with food. She discovered plant based nutrition over 8 years ago and it has changed her physical and emotional well-being.


Marisa Miller Wolfson Raising Vegan Kids

Marisa Miller Wolfson is the writer-director of Vegucated, an award-winning documentary that has screened at more than a dozen film festivals worldwide. She is an honored recipient of the Farm Animal Friend Award by Farm Sanctuary and the Reel Change Award by the Coalition for Healthy School Food.


Kim Rose, RDN, CDCES, CNSC, LD Let's Make Nutrition Easy: What You Need to Know About Nutrition and Wellness

Kim Rose is a registered dietitian nutritionist who has close to a decade of professional experience and specializes in health and wellness concerns for women leading busy lives. Her inclusive approach and philosophy revolve around “making nutrition easy and attainable”. Kim does this by addressing common and complex food and wellness topics for the general public and health professionals alike on her YouTube channel and contributing to multiple media outlets including Healthline, Huffpost, and Health Magazine.


Suzanne Saleh Meal Planning Hacks

Suzanne has more than 20 years in the corporate sector she understands the pressure of balancing a home, job and children. She became interested in holistic health and healthier lifestyle habits when her elder sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She helps overweight, busy moms reach their weight goals and manage their cholesterol by incorporating a plant based diet and meal plans.

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