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Get even more from the Plant Based+ Method Summit with the Plant Power Pack

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Watch the video below to find out more about thePlant Power Pack

Get even more from the Plant Based+ Method Summit with the Plant Power Pack

I don’t know about you, but the minute Netflix drops the next season of Dead To Me, I’ll be bargaining with myself about how many episodes I can responsibly watch each night and still get up on time in the morning.

This is why I love Netflix. I can watch it on my own terms.

I can binge a bunch of episodes if my husband goes to bed early but I can also take a week hiatus if I am busy.

JANUARY 25 - 29 are going to be as packed as your schedule during Little League season with amazing speakers sharing how to lose weight and reverse chronic disease.

But it totally defeats the purpose if you're overwhelmed by trying to catch every video each day.

That's where the Plant Power Pack comes in!

And let me tell you, these speakers, they are definitely binge worthy!

But I get it, not everyone can just let their kids climb the curtains and pull all the toilet paper off the roll while they watch videos.

That’s what is so amazing about the Plant Power Pack.

You don’t have to worry about missing the speaker that you specifically signed up to see. You can watch it when you have the time.

You can give yourself the space to take it in slowly and implement as you go.

Another thing that I love is swag, even digital swag. Luckily the Plant Power Pack is LOADED with it!

With the Plant Power Pack you get…

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  • Unlimited access to all interviews - $1700 value
  • Private membership site access to watch the interviews “Netflix style”
  • Unlimited audio replays - $497 value
  • Workbook for taking action - $47 value
  • Bonus from speakers including meal plans, eBooks, and courses - $1200 value
  • Goal Setting Masterclass with me - $147 value
  • One entry into an exclusive giveaway for a scholarship to the plant Based+ Method eCourse- $297 value

Premium Bonuses Include:

One Month Plant Based Mealplan
- Heather Carvey
A 31 page ebook full of plant-powered recipes, 4 weeks of family friendly meals mapped out with corresponding grocery lists and success tips.
$30 value
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NO TIME TO COOK: Plant-Based Meal-Prep eBook
- Gina Suarez
Hate cooking, or don't have enough time or energy to do so?
 Then this is the perfect class for you!In my NO TIME TO COOK Plant-Based Meal Prep eBook, I'll break down steps you can take to do a plant-based meal prepping that's easy, super yummy, and extra nutritious!

I'll also share with you some delicious recipes of meals that you can make quickly is just a few minutes or make ahead of time for to-go lunch and ready-made dinner.

You'll also have access to the video class that goes along with the eBook.

$50 value
PBS 4-6 (1)
Plant Based Cooking: Gluten-Free Meal Plan for 2
- Diane Smith
$ value
PBS 4-6 (2)
PP.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE digital self-guided course
- Lisa A. Smith, MBA

P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE digital self-guided course is a 12-week intensive course which provides the fundamentals of using food as medicine, for weight loss and to achieve optimal physical and cognitive health.

$459 value
Personal 1-on-1 Consultation
- Siddheshwari Devi

This is a 30-60 minute consultation with Siddheshwari Devi to discover key insights to balancing your weight and elevating your life. The consultation will be done over the phone or Zoom.

$149 value
Mindset Shift eCourse
- Stephanie Goodman

A mini-course delivered via email

$197 value
Exclusive 5 day meal plan
- Katy Malkin
This meal plan is specifically designed for moms looking to lose weight on a plant-based diet. Easy recipes that the whole family will love!
$90 value
20-Minute Eat to Live Nutritarian Main Meals PDF
- Cheri Alberts

Get 5 of my absolute favorite Eat to Live Nutritarian main meals.

Save loads of time and hassle by cooking these main meals that can be used for lunch or dinner, and are super portable as well!

Once you’ve made them once, you’ll easily be able to make them again and again — and you’ll want to because they’re delicious!! Get loads of G-BOMBS in every day with these meals, and never have to guess what you’re going to make for dinner or lunch.

Learn to Make:
Mediterranean Buddha Bowl with Steamed Veggies
Chickpea No-Tuna Salad Collard Wraps
Easy Vegetable 2-Bean Soup
Veggie Quinoa Stirfry
Hearty Lentil Spinach Salad

These recipes are so quick and easy and I hope these become some of your favorite go-to’s, as they are mine!

$17 value
PBS 15
Quick Start Naturally Vegan Food Cheat Sheet
- Naomi Green
Want to go vegan for your health but feel overwhelmed by complicated recipes and not knowing what to eat for weight loss and ultimate health? Find out more than 30 whole plant foods and dishes you may already know and love that just naturally don't include any animal products!
$27 value
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SnackRx: 7 Days of Plant-Based Snacks Mini-Course (Half-Off Regular Price!)
- Qadira Ali Huff, MD

The pediatrician-created “SnackRx” mini-course teaches busy parents how to prepare healthy plant-based snacks while learning about plant food-power through digestible nutrition nuggets. You finish SnackRx feeling less stressed and more empowered to serve plant-powered snack foods that grow healthy, happy kids!

$25 value
PBS 4-6
40% off of 1 month of health coaching services
- Whitney Miner

Receiving 40% off 1 month of nutrition coaching services. Services include:
- Initial consultation
- Personal health assessment
- Nutrition and fitness plan
- Coaching support

$200 value
21 Day Nutrient Dense Clean Eating Program
- Debbie Movsesian

3 weeks of complete meal plans with recipes, grocery lists and special trainings so you know how to optimize your healthy habits.

$99 value
Badass Rebel Vegan Masterclass
- Jane Elizabeth

This is a complimentary Master Class exclusively for members of this event only.

Attendees will learn about creating the life they deserve through fitness, nutrition, and healing.

$600 value
Black Mama Vegan Wellness Products
- Aimbriel Lasley

Discounts on Various wellness products from herbal tea infusion packs to a hormone balancing cocoa. You are sure to find something for your everyday needs!

20% Off
BGB Bundle-low.res
Baby Got Back Bundle
- Christin Bummer
A SIMPLE Plan to THRIVE on a Plant-Based Diet:
  • 30 Day Video Program: Online video lessons to clean up your diet (even if you're already plant-based!)
  • Baby Got Back In Her Pants Audiobook: Listen on the go for constant motivation, inspiration, and support.
  • Baby Got Back In Her Pants Workbook: Take an active role and speed up your transformation.
  • 4-Week Meal Planner: Learn how real people eat plant-based without going bonkers!
  • Recipes & Meditations In Your Pocket: Get recipes, tips, and tricks straight to your mobile device on our convenient App!
$97 value

All this is worth over $2900!


“...the information was absolutely outstanding!”

Amy P

“OMG! This was an amazing summit. All your presenters were fantastic. They all brought their own story and how transitioning to a plant based diet optimized their health."


“Loved the diversity of the speakers and the amazing topics each one talked about. Also loved the amazing vibe in the FB group! “

Suzanne S.

“Have I mentioned that you get the BEST speakers for your summits!”

Patti G.

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